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The Christine Prapas Story

We have added a fun bio about Christine, check it out!

Christine owns a Hog named PORKO that she loves dearly

That's her Harley's license plate. It's Italian for Hog. Her nickname is Moussaka Mama Click on arrow on image to right to see pictures of Christine on trips with Porko >>

Please contact Christine...

for a portfolio showing, job bid, to be put on our mailing list or just to take a creative break.

It is always our pleasure to work with you, give the best quality art available, help you meet your deadlines and do it all on budget.

Christine Prapas, Artist & Photographers Representative

Christine Prapas
Artist & Photographers Representative

Phone:1 503 245-9511
Fax: 1. 503.245.9512
8402 SW Woods Creek Court
Portland OR 97219